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With TEDxBend less than a month away, here are 7 of my favorite TED talks. As sponsors, we have a couple extra tickets to give away to this sold out event! I would love for you to join us. What are your favorites? #dreamforward #TEDxBend  

-My Year of Saying Yes To Everything - Shonda Rhimes - http://bit.ly/1XMUtsC

-Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator - Tim Urban - http://bit.ly/1XV9AAi

-The Good Life: The Quality of Our Relationships Determine Our Well-Being and Longevity - Robert Waldinger - http://bit.ly/1NPvCCf

-Beats That Defy Boxes - Reggie Watts - http://bit.ly/1ZKSrL2

-Why I Read a Book a Day (and Why You Should Too): The Law of 33% - Tai Lopez - http://bit.ly/1A8rzJg

-The Secret to Desire In A Long-Term Relationship: Esther Perel - http://bit.ly/1qlmZnn

-The Loss of Wisdom - Barry Schwartz - http://bit.ly/1TiG6x9

t a k e f l i g h t //

Thoughts from an airplane : It's time to pursue your passions. Time to be part of something greater than yourself. Time to create your life's work.

We won't find the sun if we're digging in the mud. It's time to let go of the things that are holding us back (that we allow to hold us back), and go do the dang thing. Light begets more light. Greatness begets more greatness. Living your purpose begets more purpose. Love begets more love. When we focus on the great, the more expansively great our lives become. ‪#‎focusonthelight‬‪#‎chaseyoursunrise‬ ‪#‎timetofly‬ ‪#‎dothedangthing‬

e n t r e p r e n e u r o f t h e y e a r //

Even though I stood on stage to receive this award, it solely represents the unbelievable vision and effort of our team who show every day that when you believe you can chance the world, you actually do. Congratulations to our team -- I couldn't be more proud!


m u s e //

Spirits are high! Heart is overflowing. I can honestly say I've never been as inspired or moved as I was by the remarkable women that presented and attended the 2016 World Muse Conference. #worldmuse #museconf2016

r e l e n t l e s s p u r s u i t //

People that are hungry are relentless. People that are hungry are unstoppable. People that are hungry refuse to give up. People that are hungry...no excuse is acceptable for not making their dream a reality. Stop waking up like it's an accident. What do you want? When you find out what you want, spend the rest of your natural life waking up and going after it. If you keep being a victim, if you keep letting losing happen to you, if you keep letting people treat you any kind of way, it's going to become a culture. Winners win, and losers lose. You need to tell you that you owe you something: I'm going to fight. I'm going to work. I'm going to press toward. I'm going to learn. I'm going to do everything in my power every single day to become a victor, not a victim. -Les Brown-

f u t u r e f o r w a r d //

How many of us let our minds fixate on what we don't want versus what we most want? How many of us get caught up in focusing on the past (and all the ways life/others have wronged us), instead of focusing on the future...on what we can and will be? How often do we get caught up in being or looking busy, versus being productive? How often are we focused on getting the job done/being mediocre/meeting the status quo, versus achieving mastery? How often do we get caught up in things, versus getting caught up in blessing people? How easy is it to focus on the negative qualities in someone else, instead of being grateful for what makes them unique and divine? How often do we make others responsible for our happiness, versus choosing to be responsible for our own? All of our behavior reflects our beliefs. So, if we are not focused on setting the right intentions every hour of every day on the things that are right...on the things that are most important, on the things that are most beneficial, then our behavior will not reflect our best selves and we absolutely will not actualize our best lives. We must set our intentions on what we do want versus what we don't want...so we can love our work, love our craft, love the people around us, love our lives, love our health, love our own unique journeys.

#responsibleforourowndestiny #wechooseourattitudes #wechooseoureffort #setthebestintentions #berockstarsoflove

n o f i n i s h l i n e //

My dad had this Nike poster in our gym at home growing up that read, "There is No Finish Line." I always wanted to understand what it meant, but my young mind could never comprehend it. How could there be no finish line? I was going to either win or lose the game; I was either going to make the grade, or I was not; I was either going to win the prize or the honor or the championship, or I was not. I wanted to own the finish line. It didn't matter how many times I looked at that poster and tried to figure it out, it never made sense to me. Later on in life it would come to make perfect sense. Development and growth and striving for mastery never cease. We've never "made it." We never "arrive." When we reach the Summit, it's only the half-way point -- we still have to find our way back down the mountain. If we settle at the finish line of one accomplishment, we never get to see the summit of another. We never get to experience the challenges ripe in the journey, that deepen our capacity to exist, feel, grow, love, and lead -- that deepen our capacity to journey well. There is no finish line -- never settle.

#nofinishline #pursuitofgreatness

t h e h e r o i s y o u //

You are the hero of your life. What are you waiting for? Stop looking to the outside. Stop looking at the person you wish you could be like. And START being YOU. Start being so fanatical about your own heroic story, about your own heroic journey, and go out and live what you -- and nobody else but you -- were called to live; what you and nobody else but you were called to be. Be willing to risk it all. Be willing to stay with the doubt and the fear and the struggles and the flop-on-your-face moments because that is bravery. That is what takes an ordinary life to extraordinary. That is the shift from good to great. That is the shift from human to divine. That is the leaving-it-all-out-on-the-field, keeled over in blood, sweat, pain and tears with nothing more to give, having danced the great dance your life was intended for.



s e t i n t e n t i o n //

Setting Intention for the Day: Everything I do comes from a place of love, peace, and wholeness. I exist in the grace that is the gift and joy of each moment. My life is so abundantly full, so incredibly rich, that I am able to give my best to my family, friends, and strangers. I am love. I see the divine in all things, whether the outward may appear positive or negative, I embrace it all as that which furthers me on my path.

#weareone #intentionbecomesreality #sundayintention #existinlove

m a g n i f i c e n c e //

Expect to make every aspect of your life magnificent. Expect marvel. Expect awe-inspiring wonder. Expect miracles. Expect yourself to be more vulnerable -- to embrace the whole of every experience of your life -- knowing that the universe never fails us. That we have a duty to become everything we were meant to become in this life, and the only way to do that is to break wide open. Expect triumph over your obstacles. Expect that the pain and suffering inherent in growth will be met with the most incredible sense of strength and a deepened capacity to help others on their own journey.


f r u i t i o n //

Your journey is going to be filled with obstacles, challenges, mistakes, failures, and naysayers. You will cherish the trials for helping clarify how bad you really want it; for the strength and fortitude that come from keeping on towards your goal, and never giving up. Hold onto your vision. Protect it. Etch it into your mind and heart. Treat it as your most prized possession. Because it is. Go be everything you were meant to become because the world needs someone like you.

#vision #fruition

t o t a l c o n t r i b u t i o n //

This life is all about growth. It's about being brave enough and bold enough to work tirelessly and passionately for your dreams, even when it's not easy (it rarely is) or the answers aren't clear or there is no one else on the path around you. It all comes down to how bad you want it. How bad do you want it? How willing are you to keep going when you see what you want but don't know exactly how to get there? Be specific about your dreams. Be clear on what you want and why you want it. Write it down, post it up, revise it, read it every morning and night, digest it, meditate on it, visualize it, and figure out how to steer the intentions and actions of your day towards achieving it. There's living semi-awake, and then there's living in a way that makes you awaken more everyday. There's a place of being able to take risks (getting uncomfortable), and living out the great reward of going and doing the dang thing. Each step forward on the path carves out a deeper place within you, to equip you to make your absolute contribution.


s c a r e d | ABSOLUTELY | c r a p l e s s //

I'm scared absolutely crapless every day. I'm scared I won't be successful in various business ventures. I'm scared that if I'm not in some big city across the globe, I won't be advancing my career. I'm scared that people won't think I'm doing things for the right reasons. I'm scared of forgetting the words, of leaving less than my maximum impact; of something tragic happening to my loved ones. I'm scared of not finishing the race or missing the game-winning shot. But here's the thing. If I'm not scared absolutely crapless before doing something big, then I know I'm not really ready. Fear heightens the senses, and I use/transform/embrace it to drive me to make smarter business decisions, connect more deeply with my surroundings (acquaintances, community, family), become more skilled, more adept, more honed-in on what I really want and how to leave a truly positive impact on the world. I use and trust fear as a positive driver and motivator and friend -- to make the shot and finish the race in my mind and in practice 100 times before race day, to push me beyond my limits, to get back up again. Use your fear of failing to push you to squeeze the absolute most out of your life.

#bescaredcrapless #letfearpushyou 


j u s t d o i t //

"You don't get assurance from anyone but yourself. Self-belief is something you achieve by going out and doing the thing. People can pour belief into you. But it doesn't matter if you don't go to work on the cellular belief that you are capable. The only way to do that is to go to work. If you feel like you are crap at talking to people, you need to go and talk to people and then you will believe you can talk to people. If you feel like you are not so good at something, you need to go and do that thing and then you will believe that you can. It's just a matter of doing the thing before you can feel like you can do the thing. The courage comes from how bad you really want it. If you want it, you will do it." -Peta Kelly

#justdoit #selfbelief #courage 

l e a p //

When's the last time you decided to throw off the safety nets and take a leap towards exploring, dreaming, discovering, and expanding your life? What situations in your life push you to new places daily? 


l e a r n i n g t o s h i f t //

Finding our "one" purpose in life is somewhat of a fallacy. We are all dynamic, multi-faceted beings with a multitude of needs, wants, and desires. Our focus can shift from uncovering our "one" purpose, to living our many purposes and being open to evolving as our purposes shift and move and change. Growth entails healing. It entails changing. It entails shifting. What shifts in your life would most excite you? What new depth in your very being -- what amplification of some trait or ability or gift -- would excite you? What connection, with who, would most excite you? What new opportunity would excite you? What adventure would most excite you? What would your life look like if you started to act on the shifts your life is most calling you toward?

#shifting #growth #liveamplified #liveyouradventure

f a l l //Winter, Spring, Summer...and Fall.

"When you open yourself to the continually changing, impermanent, dynamic nature of your own being and of reality, you increase your capacity to love and care about other people and your capacity to not be afraid. You're able to keep your eyes open, your heart open, and your mind open. And you notice when you get caught up in prejudice, bias, and aggression. You develop an enthusiasm for no longer watering those negative seeds, from now until the day you die. And, you begin to think of your life as offering endless opportunities to start to do things differently." -Pema Chodron


u n r e a s o n a b l e //

There is nothing rational or practical or logical about dreaming big. There is nothing practical about going after excellence. There was nothing reasonable about NASA aiming to put someone on the moon; or about Steve Jobs and the team at Apple believing they could create a digital music device no bigger than a deck of cards that can contain hundreds of thousands of songs. There was nothing rational about Nelson Mandela spending 27 years in prison, to then exit and create the largest peace and liberation movement the world has ever known, leading to the abolition of apartheid in South Africa. The blueprint for your life is determined by you, your deep-within purpose, and your unwavering willingness to live the life you imagine.

#beunreasonable #getuncomfortable #listentotheticktockofyourwildestdreams #livethelifeyouimagine