Entrepreneur. Development and expansion stage CEO with food and disruptive products expertise. Current President at organic, superfood snack company. Previously held a variety of executive roles at large companies, including Director of Finance & Administration for international organization. 

Specialties:  New Ventures, Product Development, Product Marketing, Strategic Planning, People Management

"Don't betray your dreams for the sake of fitting in. Dreamers move the world forward." -Richard Branson 

Sarah has spoken to audiences around the country, including TEDx, the OEN Entrepreneurial Summitt, CBS' MyWindow, the National Honor Society, and more. Her commitment to social entrepreneurship -- utilizing business to propel social and environmental benefit -- fuels her inspiring leadership. She is the Founder of multiple successful businesses and runs a weekly leadership program called "Chase Your Sunrise." 

Watch Sarah in action here:

TEDx: http://bit.ly/1PD7UGT

MUSE Conference 2016: https://vimeo.com/159702639

OEN Entrepreneurial Summit: http://bit.ly/1TcIrtL

The HiBall Profiles: https://vimeo.com/149222495

Sarah Pool - On MyWindow

"How many of us let our minds fixate on what we don't want versus what we most want? How many of us get caught up in focusing on the past (and all the ways life/others have wronged us), instead of focusing on the future...on what we can and will be? How often do we get caught up in being or looking busy, versus being productive? How often are we focused on getting the job done/being mediocre/meeting the status quo, versus achieving mastery? How often do we get caught up in things, versus getting caught up in blessing people? How easy is it to focus on the negative qualities in someone else, instead of being grateful for what makes them unique and divine? How often do we make others responsible for our happiness, versus choosing to be responsible for our own? All of our behavior reflects our beliefs. So, if we are not focused on setting the right intentions every hour of every day on the things that are right...on the things that are most important, on the things that are most beneficial, then our behavior will not reflect our best selves and we absolutely will not actualize our best lives. We must set our intentions on what we do want versus what we don't want...so we can love our work, love our craft, love the people around us, love our lives, love our health, love our own unique journeys." - Sarah Pool